Best paper award at JSAE PFL2019 conference

Received best paper award at the JSAE conference, Kyoto, Japan 

Paper title: 'Spark assisted compression ignition engine with stratified charge combustion and ozone addition'

Springer Theses – the “best of the best” 

Nominated and endorsed by Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, my Ph.D. thesis was chosen for its scientific excellence and impact on energy research. ​

Magoon Teaching Award
Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Engineering

Purdue University


2016, 2017

Combustion Art
Honorary Mention in Combustion Art Competition

Central States Combustion Meeting, Knoxville, TN

Mesmerizing Micro-world of A Monopropellant Matrix (4M): Flame speed of a solid monopropellant (nitrocellulose) enhances up to 8 times the bulk value when coupled with a highly conductive thermal base (graphite foam) at the microscale. This image made of several Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images, shows three phases of the graphite foam matrix, 1) Before adding nitrocellulose monopropellant (inner rectangle) 2) After adding monopropellant (intermediate rectangle) 3) After monopropellant burns out (outer rectangle) The most important fact is that the graphene foam’s inner structure is preserved after combustion and thus could be considered 'reusable'.

Special recognition in National Combustion Meeting

National Combustion Meeting, College Park, MD


The City of Vulcan: This image is a combination of non-premixed, premixed, and solid propellant combustion.

College of Engineering Conference Travel Award

Travel award to travel Central States Combustion Meeting



Summer Research Fellowship
Purdue College of Engineering



First Place in Combustion Art Competition
US National Combustion Meeting, Cincinnati, OH


Afrit (Arabian mythology) - The Fire Monster: High-speed schlieren photography of pre-chamber generated turbulent jet ignition of lean methane/air - a potential solution to ultra-lean combustion. Devil's face is made of wrinkled turbulent flames. Horns are composed of two flame-jets from pre-chamber combustion. The hot puff on top of devil's head represents the initiation of ignition in the main combustion chamber. This image contains all three phases of prechamber generated jet ignition process, namely, the pre-chamber flame-jet, main chamber ignition point and flame propagation.


Travel Award from Combustion Institute
Central States Combustion Meeting, Tulsa, OK


Graduate Research Fellowship
Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut

2011 - 2012

Meera Rani Mitra Memorial Gold Medal
Jadavpur University


Best Paper Award
Third National Conference on MEMS, Smart Structures and Materials, India