Plasma Physics

3+ years of experience

Heat & Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics

11+ years of experience

Turbulence & Fluids

10+ years of experience

Reacting Flow, Combustion

11+ years of experience

Rocket & Air-breathing Propulsion

7+ years of experience


10+ years of experience

Supersonic & Hypersonic Flows

7+ years of experience

Spectroscopy & Laser Diagnostics

10+ years of experience


Graduate Teaching Assistant

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University

Graduate Level Courses 
Advanced Rocket Propulsion
Air Breathing Propulsion
Aerospace Propulsion Systems
Rocket Propulsion

Undergraduate Level Courses 
Aerospace Propulsion
Rocket Propulsion

2012 - 2017

Student Mentor

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program, Purdue University

Student Mentees 
Ashwin Giridharan, “Schlieren Image Velocimetry of High-Speed Helium Jet”

Tianyu Yang, “High-Pressure Combustion Diagnostics using X-ray”         

Michael G. Woodworth, Project: “High-Pressure Combustion and Supersonic Jet Ignition for H2/air”
Timothy I. Machin, Project: “Numerical Simulation of Multi Jet Ignition of H2/air”
David Kun, Project: “High-speed Imaging to Visualize Prechamber Hot Jet Ignition”

2012 - 2017

Summer Residential Teacher

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) Program, Purdue University

  • Participated to teach three short-term courses for gifted, creative, and talented students in grades 7 - 10 through Purdue GERI program

  • Developed coursework for introductory fluid mechanics, ‘Experiments in Fluids’ for grades 9 – 10 students and rocket propulsion, ‘Rocket Science! A Trip to Mars’ for grades 7 – 8 students

Summer 2016, 2017​

Teaching Assistant

Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut


Graduate Level Courses 
Renewable Energy

Undergraduate Level Courses 
Fluid Dynamics


Student Mentees

John J. Turner V, Project: “Bluff-body Stabilized Flame Dynamics”
Anthony Prainito, Project: “Unsteady Flame Dynamics of Conical V-shaped flames”
Cara Redding, Project: “Flame Stabilization in Vitiated Flows”

2010 - 2012

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