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I graduated from Jadavpur University, India with Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in April 2010. I came to the United States in July 2010 to pursue Master’s degree at The University of Connecticut. My Master's research was to investigate bluff-body flame stabilization inside a gas turbine combustor under acoustic perturbation. Two years later I received my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Thermal and Fluid Sciences. In July 2012, I joined School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University to pursue a doctoral degree. I worked as a research assistant for five years in Maurice J. Zucrow Propulsion Laboratories. My research at Purdue was aimed to develop advanced clean combustion technologies for automotive and gas turbine applications. I explored ultra-lean ignition dynamics of hydrogen and natural gas using a pre-chamber generated hot turbulent jet.  After doctoral studies, I started postdoctoral research at Sandia National Laboratories in the field of energy science, engine combustion, and advanced laser diagnostics.


My future research plans are focused on advanced clean combustion technologies for automotive and gas turbine applications such as pollutant reduction, micro-scale power generation, laser, and plasma ignition. I would like to investigate active and passive control of combustion instability in lean combustion engines fueled by natural gas and hydrogen. I am also interested in studying high-pressure combustion and propulsion phenomena using X-ray diagnostic techniques.

My academic training and experience working in combustion and propulsion area have prepared me to be a productive researcher. Having an academic background in Aerospace Engineering as well as Mechanical Engineering contribute to my ability to think critically from varying perspectives.

Besides research, I enjoy teaching and mentoring tremendously. I have almost seven years of experience in teaching and mentoring. For excellence in teaching, twice I received prestigious Magoon Award from College of Engineering, Purdue University. I have directly worked with more than ten undergraduates as a research mentor. My extensive experience in teaching various courses related to energy sciences would undoubtedly help to develop a strong curriculum for undergraduate students.


Flying Airplane

Airplanes I fly
Cessna, Piper Warrior, Piper Seneca

Model Roketry

Motors I use
Class G and H
I am a member of National Association of Rocketry (NAR)


Asha for Education - Purdue chapter

Volunteer, 2012 - 2014

Chief Editor
Annual Magazine UTSAV,
West Lafayette Durga Puja, 2013


Boiler Out Volunteer Program
Purdue University, 2013 - 2014


Indian Graduate Student's at Purdue (IGraSP), 2012 - 2014

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